Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Freespire 5.0 Released

Today the PC/OpenSystems development team is pleased to announce the release of Freespire 5.0 (Lobo) to the general computing public. This is the 3rd major release of Freespire from PC/OpenSystems which cements our commitment to the open-source community. Freespire 5.0 packs in enhancements and features that showcase its ease of use and polish as one of the industry's leading community-driven open-source only Linux distributions.

 Our goal was to “trim the fat” on the distribution. Many of our users and customers have told us that Linspire / Freespire as a whole were bloated; so what we did in response was pick “best of breed” applications that added to the overall simplicity of the system. And what if the app you want is not preinstalled? Go to the Software Center and explore its treasure trove of compatible applications.

Freespire 5.0 contains the following enhancements:

Kernel 5.0.0-31
KDE 5.12.9
Ice 6.0.4
Chromium Browser 77
Calligra Office
DragonPlayer Video Player
Boot Repair
Firewall configurator
Synaptic Package Manager

Freespire 5.0 does not contain any proprietary, binary-only software. Its source code is available via the Synaptic Package manager. Freespire is free to download and redistribute. You can download it here


If you have limited or metered bandwidth and would like to have install media or to support the distribution you can purchase here as well.

Freespire OSS Edition
Install Media
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