Friday, October 30, 2020

Freespire 7.0 Released

Today our internal development team is pleased to announce the release of Freespire 7.0, a major update to Freespire which brings the codebase to the latest Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Once again, PC/OpenSystems  has worked diligently to bring you the best, most meticulously designed and engineered FOSS desktop on the market today. Freespire is the community-supported base from which Linspire is built and aims to bring the best, and only the best, open source has to offer to its users, featuring an intuitive interface with the expressed intent of increased productivity. 

Features included in Freespire 7.0 : 

 Customized XFCE 4.14 desktop 
Kernel 5.4.0-51 
Chromium Browser 86 
Ice SSB 
Thunderbird 68.12 
Parole Media Player 
Redshift GTK 
Boot Repair 
Full UEFI support 
TCSH, CSH, ZSH shells are now included due to user requests 
Codium IDE 
Synaptic Package Manager 
Bashtop replaces Htop

 SOFTWARE is not included due to its proprietary nature, but can be downloaded via Synaptic if you so choose. 

These are only some of the changes. Questions regarding any other changes can be directed to support AT pc-opensystems DOT com 

Freespire 7.0 can be downoaded here 

 If you have bandwidth limitations or would like to purchase a boxed copy of Freespire 7.0 you can do that here.

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