Monday, February 13, 2023

Freespire 9 released

Today we are extremely pleased we have released Freespire 9. Freespire 9 features the most popular Linux GNOME desktop and is the desktop environment we use for Linspire and PC/OS has now found a home in Freespire.  This release utilizes no binary only and non-free software.  This release of Freespoire is free to download and redistribute.  If you have bandwidth constrictions and data caps you can purchase a physical copy below.

Freespire has the following features:

  • GNOME 42.5
  • Thunderbird 102
  • Firefox ESR 102.5
  • OnlyOffice Desktop Editors
  • GNOME Videos
  • Rhythmbox
  • GNOME apps, Maps, Clocks, Calculator, Weather
  • Balena Etcher 1.4
  • Bashtop replaces Htop

You can download a copy below and if you need physical media you can purchase below as well.

Freespire OSS Edition
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