Thursday, December 7, 2023

Freespire 10 Released

Today the PC/OS development team is pleased to release Freespire 10. We have worked on many aspects of the distribution both internal and on its user-facing front-end, making the distribution seem very familiar to new users and configurable for advanced ones. Freespire 10 continues its tradition of being the leading free desktop distribution available today. 

PC/OS has focused on improving speed, responsiveness and hardware compatibility; virtual machine compatibility has also been improved. We try to make Freespire adhere as closely as possible to the definition of “free software” - meaning the amount of proprietary code used is limited to the bare minimum. Some vendor-specific drivers are included for hardware compatibility, but Freespire does not include proprietary multimedia codecs or any other proprietary software. If that kind of compatibility is required, we recommend Linspire. 

Freespire 10 includes the following features: 

  • Customized GNOME 4.2.9 Interface 
  • Linux kernel 6.2.0-36 
  • Rhythmbox Music Player 
  • Video player 
  • OnlyOffice 7.4 
  • Geary mail client 
  • Brave Web Browser 1.60 
  • OpenSSH Client and Server Samba 

You can download Freespire 10 here: