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As with any other OS or software product bug reporting and tracking is necessary.  Here you can report any and all bugs and issues that you find with our products.  Keep in mind that we do categorize and work on issues on a priority basis.  You can also contact 

to report any and all urgent bugs for us to triage and remedy.


  1. Hello,
    I like this distribution ... live ... but impossible to install grub (mono boot and not dual boot with windows- 1 single disk SSD-no secure boot) Regards and happy new year. The other Zorin and Linux Mint distributions are not a problem.
    So I give up with regret to switch to KDE
    A bug in your package?
    Happy new year

  2. I found that you have to upgrade the grub before rebooting after installing the os. Install, download and update the grub, then reboot and it will work. I found this problem in both the new release of Linspired and Freespire. If you don't download and update the grub, the unit will stop during n
    Boot and you get a blank screen.