Monday, December 28, 2020

Freespire 7.1 Released

Today the PC/OpenSystems Open Source dev team is announcing our Freespire 7.1 public release. While an incremental release, this version is still packed full of user-facing improvements and kernel-level updates. Freespire is our free and open source distribution that you are free to download, redistribute and install on as many systems as you would like; it continues our tradition of offering the #1 open source desktop to the masses. 

 Features included in Freespire 7.1 : 

Customized XFCE 4.16 desktop 
Kernel 5.8.0-33 
Google Chrome 87 
Ice SSB 
Thunderbird 68.12 
Parole Media Player 
Redshift GTK 
Boot Repair 
Full UEFI support 
Codium IDE 
Synaptic Package Manager 

These are only some of the changes; questions regarding others can be directed to support AT pc-opensystems DOT com Freespire 7.1 can be downloaded here